Whatever you want to accomplish in business or in life, it’s empowering for you to identify exactly what your core desires are, and why you want to achieve them.

So what are your core desires?

Your core desires lie underneath your initial surface level desire, and are more emotionally driven.

So as an example, let’s say you want to reach $1,000 per month in online income. That would be what I call a ‘surface level’ desire because there’s not a whole lot of emotion attached to that.

But now it’s up to you to identify the emotional core desires that lie underneath. These would be the deeper reasons that really drive you to succeed!

For example, a core desire might be that the extra $1000.00 per month would help you to pay your bills without having to worry about if you’ll have the enough money at the end of the month!

Now THAT’S a core desire! Do you understand that?

There are surface level desires, but then there are core desires that are much deeper and emotional.

It’s up to you to identify your core desires and become clear on what they are. Why? Because your core desires are what will keep you going when the going get’s tough and you feel like quitting!!

I personally believe that knowing your core desires are the single most important factor in whether or not you ultimately will accomplish your goal, or just quit along the way.

So let’s talk about a powerful tool to help you identify what your core desires are. You simply write down your monthly income goal, and then ask yourself this empowering question:

What are 3-5  deeper emotional reasons for WHY I want to accomplish this goal?

That’s the key question. Write down in your notebook or journal what answers come to mind. Then when you get an answer, ask that question again and write down another core desire.

Keep doing that until you have at least 3-5 core desires (reasons) for why you want to achieve the overall goal.

Let’s take my own example. I initially wanted to create an online income of $5000.00 per month. That was my ‘surface desire’.  A good goal, but not much emotion there.

Now I asked: What are 3-5  deeper emotional reasons for WHY I want to accomplish that goal?

Here’s what I came up:

  1. I want to break free from my dependence on a job. I calculated that 5K per month is my ‘break-free’ point. I would feel comfortable quitting my job when I acheive this. (Now that’s emotional!!)
  2. I want to support my wife and family fully from my online business.  I calculated that 5K per month would allow me to do that comfortably. (now that’s emotional!!)
  3. I want my wife to feel proud that I achieved what I set out to do. I thrive when I know my wife is proud of me. (now that’s emotional!!).
  4. I want my wife to be feel a sense of financial security. I know that’s something my wife really needs, and when she feels secure, it makes for a much happier, stress-free home (Now that’s emotional!!)
  5. I want to scale my business up to 6-Figures and beyond. I feel that achieving the $5K per month level would be a great platform for expotentially growing my business. (now that’s emotional!!)

Do you see how this works?

Your core desires are deeper, and much more compelling. Now you need to write those core desires down and keep them handy. Refer to them daily. Even memorize them!!

Speak them out often. Remember them when you are down, depressed, discouraged, and wanting to quit. Say them over and over when you are both emotionally up AND down.

You see, building a business is not easy, there’s going to be tests. There’s going to be things that happen to you that knock you down. There’s going to be things you have to get up from.

So if you have those core desires mapped out, written down, and memorized, they will give you the reasons for WHY you need to keep on pushing forward toward your goal.

The bottom line – YOU NEED A STRONG WHY!!

Your core desires are your WHY for never ever quitting until you succeed.

So please feel free to comment below and let me know what your core desires are in whatever goal you are working toward this month, or this year.

I guarantee that knowing your underlying core desires will at least 10X your results over time!

To Your Life, Abundance, and Prosperity,